About Us

Launched in 1998, Mosaic is a print tri-annual (February, June, & October) that explores the literary arts by writers of African descent, and features interviews, essays, and book reviews.

Mosaic has featured such artists Tiphanie Yanique, Lorna Goodison, Lucille Clifton, Bernice McFadden, Walter Mosley, Staceyann Chin, Major Jackson, Chimamanda Adichie, and Willie Perdomo among others and provides a unique space to preview upcoming releases through book reviews and author interviews. Each issue is supplemented with lesson plans based on our content and mission.

Ron Kavanaugh

Mosaic Literary Magazine
314 West 231 St #470
Bronx NY 10463

Mosaic is produced by the Literary Freedom Project, a 501(c)3 tax-exempt not-for-profit arts organization that supports the literary arts through education, creative thinking, and new media.

Programs of the Literary Freedom Project are funded by subscribers, advertisers, and donations; as well as grants from the Bronx Council on the Arts through the New York State Council on the Arts Decentralization Program; New York Council for the Humanities; and Citizens Committee for New York City

Program Schedule
February: Mosaic Spring Issue
March: Mosaic Lesson Plan
May: Bronx Book Fair (co-presenter)
June: Mosaic Summer Issue
July: Mosaic Lesson Plan
October: Mosaic Fall/Winter Issue
November: Mosaic Literary Conference
November: Mosaic Lesson Plan

Mosaic Literary Conference
Mosaic Literary Conference provides a platform for literature-based creative thinking and knowledge sharing. Each year we invite educators, community-based organizations, and artists to participate in various professional-development workshops. The conference also showcases panel discussions, films, and live performances.

Lesson Plans
Mosaic supplements its editorial content with lesson plans that are developed based on the content of Mosaic. The lesson plans, developed for secondary school educators, demonstrate how Mosaic’s content can serve as a connective tool to explore educational subjects such as history and social studies while also serving to increase the importance of literature in the classroom.

Bronx Book Fair (co-presenter)
The Bronx Book Fair is dedicated to engaging and growing the community of poets and writers in the Bronx and to connecting those literary artists to readers and booklovers of all ages. Through readings, workshops, and presentations the coalition’s goal is to engage the community with a variety of literature and programs that will broaden access to Bronx literary artists, increase library usage, and encourage a love of books and reading.





10 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Are there any outlets that publish conscious, progressive, short stories based on experiences within the African diaspora? Seems as if everything I’ve seen is ‘True Black Confessions’ – like.


  2. I would like o know the procedure of submitting a book for review to Mosaic.

    Thanks for the great job of promoting African literature.


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